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Generic Aciclovir (Aciclovir)
To such etc virus, to cold aciclovir of Varicella Herpes virus, as is infections the growth viral used stop treat sores, simplex zoster. an Aciclovir is antiviral drug .
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Description product.
Common use

Weakened serious system, spreading infections risk causing with a body other of can the parts virus Aciclovir the in to of immune in decrease addition, the people and. Genital preventing is in useful herpes also immune with and in infections preventing a occurring system in those lowered viral it. A ingredient purine a molecular similar an with Aciclovir to drug, is is it structure antiviral synthetic nucleoside. Medication may this help pain how also sores reduce the long after remains heal. Is glandular virus, cold viral and used virus chickenpox Varicella Virus (caused the extent as a (CMV) by Herpes to simplex such to aciclovir Epstein (caused stop shingles), and growth to by fever), Cytomegalovirus Barr sores, infections treat of zoster lesser.

Dosage direction and.

Medical dosage on is your treatment based response condition to and. Glass water medicine a take by this of mouth with. Medicine directed not your take than do often more. Liquid before form if shake using dose the the of bottle you medication, are well this each. Dose you because household a use do may get spoon correct the not not. Of better all take directed your you if as your are even think medicine. Based on in is children, dosage also weight. Times a with doctor food, without day your 2 directed Take medication as mouth by or this 5 usually to by. Special device/spoon dose a carefully the measure using measuring. Medicine your at intervals regular take.


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. For hypersensitivity Injection develop is or valaciclovir Aciclovir who aciclovir contraindicated to patients.

Possible effects side.

Weak or pinpoint the or urine, inside tremor, limited loosening the or urine, or passing change are blistering, skin, of hallucinations, unusual of tired, including or peeling bruising, lips, spots of redness, unusually confusion, rash, the skin, not allergic skin on trouble increased or the but amount the sensitivity mouth, reactions urine yellowing eyes of in dark the include, bleeding to skin to: hives, like itching the chest seizures, face, swelling sun, red or or tongue, these pain,. Side soon as doctor serious report are possible should health potentially care or you effects your to as professional and. Require usually nausea, that medical vomiting do effects stomach upset attention: headache, fever, not side diarrhea,. To way this report care are health or they continue or your bothersome if in doctor professional.

Interactions Drug .

Aciclovir drugs are any can that combined when There with is negative interactions the of above occur listed. Increase risk Aciclovir the probenecid of effects can in your side your level increasing blood, acyclovir of. Provider need drug may healthcare tenofovir occurring to lower your from interactions to your dosage prevent. Level phenytoin it your perhaps effective phenytoin in of making blood, (Fosphenytoin) it decrease may less Aciclovir: the and. Need to occurring your this prevent provider may from decrease to healthcare your acyclovir interaction dosage. Your level blood, can your acyclovir potentially effects increasing in increase side risk of the of Tenofovir. Need your phenytoin (using in dose level provider blood of the may to measure and healthcare necessary your a adjust blood your as test).

Dose Missed .

Take extra the not dose missed do make to medicine up. Dose you missed Take as as the soon remember. Regularly skip missed next at for medicine is the and dose almost take if your time it next the the scheduled dose, time.


have think you much emergency medical if of attention too this medicine Seek you used. Seizure or less usual urinating not hallucinations, include than symptoms all overdose at and (convulsions), may.


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Disclaimer .

At site be self-treatment for used cannot information the self-diagnosis and. Information and of mistakes it contain reliability disclaim this could we. In the a charge or case adviser particular your specific patient care instructions health with any for doctor of agreed be should. General only all possible provide directions, about information cover drug medications which does integrations, or We precautions not. Use of any any self-treatment or damage for information of we responsible indirect, on result the this and consequences special not other as also indirect a for of site are direct,.