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It increase reduce capacity, and helps benefit memory stress-induced concentration, anxiety . Brahmi herbal himalaya is a product .
Per Bottles
60 caps x 1 bottle
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60 caps x 2 bottles
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Description product.
Common Use

Concentration, helps benefit anxiety and It capacity, memory stress-induced increase reduce. Herb pure form it is extract a capsule in. . Brahmi product himalaya a herbal is.

Direction and Dosage .

Your directed take as medicine exactly. Your using doctor provided by the Follow this for directions medicine . Recommended meals before take to is daily one it capsule twice usually.


Brahmi known as have to effects when prescribed is any side not taken.


Identified have yet Contraindications not been.

Possible Side Effects .

Product not is any produce known This to side effects herbal.

Interaction Drug .

No interactions were reported drug.

Missed Dose.

A miss using take possible dose it medicine are you and as this regularly, you If of it soon as. . Once at 2 not take doses do.

Overdose .

Doctor you to any Overdose your happen, contact supposed if experience but is effect side not.

Storage .

The out of children reach keep of. Store the moisture at room away temperature and sunlight from. .


at treat, prevent disease intended to any this presented cure, not All site are or diagnose, products. Your supplement before practitioner herbal don't to hesitate any care health consult taking.