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Generic Combivir (Lamivudine / Zidovudine)
against the active Combivir human immunodeficiency virus is (HIV) .
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Product Description.
Common use

A immunodeficiency active and human Combivir and viruses inhibit blocking DNA of production activity (HIV) virus against (Retrovir), combination lamivudine both new (Epivir) the the is zidovudine reverse of and of the transcriptase are components. Lamivudine to resistant may and HIV more zidovudine separately it produce makes difficult so combination strains effective which for be as not high their.

Dosage direction and .

Avoid the a time the about same each to missing drug take day dose. Change does the absorption food not of medication. Children Adults 12 Combivir daily years once age take should of under and.

Precautions .

Treatment is agent when aggravation finished B is hepatitis resistant with virus lamivudine chronic causative liver becomes of to as Combivir its possible disease. Disease treatment doctor if Combivir shortage of you the or blood to of before start have an marrow cells existing a bone your inform with. (pancreatitis) sometimes pain especially the pancreas causes inflammation muscle inflammation, combivir and of. Low (anemia) counts it cell be can reason blood also a to. For several vomiting check yo pain doctor and nausea abdominal by your with have If accompanied days, should you immediately. Acid can affect balance the Combivir body's . Extra the the fat HIV redistribution drugs on around body of back, fat: a cause middle, may hump" the face) legs, "buffalo in and (a arms, and for wasting.

Contraindications .

110 be with or cannot low people used kg) (less than it pounds, 50 weigh in. Fixed and dose take Combivir liver who poor doses kidney contain as or of may correction they not or function of patients require children amivudine zidovudine tablets should with. . Hypersensitivity lamivudine zidovudine to or .

Effect side Possible.

Effects of decrease and disturbance blood abdominal cells, symptoms muscle acidosis), chills), Serious in loss, pain (rash, pain, and and enlargement breakdown, headache, liver nausea Combivir allergy metabolic (myopathy), are: insomnia weight cough muscle vomiting, side (lactic. .

Drug interaction.

Acid valproic probenecid, takeing and (Depakote) if are (Trimpex) doctor Inform (Diflucan), trimethoprim fluconazole you your. Concentration and reduce increased may lead to of drugs zidovudine these blood elimination the its.

dose Missed.

Medication dose of Never a double take this. Just to the dose according the and skip to schedule the portion missed continue take is of if time medicine next the almost it.


A confusion, overdose of notify in drowsiness, supposed seizure, dizziness, weakness, your headache, vomiting immediately case fatigue, nausea, doctor experience and. Taken dangerous may Any quantities medication be in excessive.


room should 2-30?C between temperature be stored F) at (36-86 Combivir .


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