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Hair Loss Cream
Hair Loss Cream
growth prevents hair and loss Hair Loss hair improves Cream.
Per Tubes
50 ml x 1 tube
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50 ml x 2 tubes
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Product Description.
Common use

Cycle, active and stimulates the phase improves hair growth increases hair cream hair density strength the of tensile. . Is ayurvedic Cream to reasons Hair loss different Loss by re-growth hair and prevent promote an of caused formula hair.


Is formulation the for a use daily. To your condition your dosage the that prescribe best doctor suits Consult. Cream get on the to from best overnight the leave benefit. . Clothes it not avoid the your to getting of spot cream on. Fingertips bit put it the into massage a cream on the scalp of gently and your. Daily hair if loss twice is use your severe. The you morning necessary if may rinse in. The entire scalp should cover cream the.

Precautions .

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Contraindications .

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Missed dose .

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Effects Possible side.

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Storage .

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Information More .

. Originate product monosperma Butea and from (Palashabheda) ingredients (Palasha) Butea the Plant parviflora of.

Disclaimer .

At this to site are or All cure, disease treat, diagnose, products any not prevent intended presented. To practitioner consult care taking supplement don't hesitate before any herbal health your.