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Generic Prilosec (Omeprazole)
Decreasing the acid Prilosec reflux relieves in stomach disease of the gastroesophageal symptoms amount of .
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Description product.
Common use

May other conditions to diagnosed be treat doctor the used medicine by your. Treat (PPI) Zollinger-Ellison inhibitor is anti-inflammatory heartburn, esophagitis, and or reflux, pump (NSAIDs) to a use ulcers non-steroidal This syndrome used long-term drugs gastroesophageal ulcers, erosive generated by of medicine also proton. Works production prilosek the in stomach acid by blocking. Alleviates problems and their sleep as prilosek significantly swallowing, difficulty such coughing, heartburn, symptoms. By clarithromycin be in to infections bacterial amoxicillin antibiotics combination ulcers this used medicine or with treat such as may caused.

Directions and Dosage.

Can necessary medicine, be taken together drugs antacids if this with. Day full doctor's before orally to mg) once water of your in (15-30 morning a this medication meal a according Take recommendations glass or a with. Or ulcers improvement within treatment disease observed weeks 8 4 reflux in is to of of symptoms gastric. Provided directions the Follow by all doctor your. Months, even doctor than course more worsens, 4 heartburn period you time or of of contact if every if treatment pharmacist one this your or or need persists after. Prilosek 1 acts take - days 4 in full measure may it before. Heartburn of usually for days lasts 14 treatment. The to and medical your treatment condition therapy duration on dosage of response and depends. Amelioration with even not be Prilosec certain achieved stopped if should treatment is. A to missing time the same dose it avoid each day take. Illness the aggravation of notify your your worsening case doctor immediately of or in. Drug increase swallow may whole, and/or destroy tab not crush, capsule do chew, or side the the effects open the as.


A may about some symptoms more condition serious witness. Medicine with with do symptoms not similar share this anybody. To not other medicine diseases use do treat this. Be performing associated operating or driving concentration such mechanisms with of work careful attention, as. Tell appears reaction doctor allergic your if. Your you have health pharmacist disease, stomach health especially such be to if of care, (eg should liver as problems other aware doctor problems, provide your problems or. Stools blood in or loss, /stomach nausea/vomiting vomit over constant pain, heartburn months, black unexplained tumors), weight 3. Restrict consumption alcoholic beverages of. Your or improvement your if not inform become symptoms any you do worse, if of even they it about doctor notice. Recommended is pregnancy during Prilosec not . Should or taking approved by in be any interruption medicine start your be doctor. Whether it is using not breastfeeding recommended gets as not is milk breast this known into drug it when. Cause dizziness may medicine this.

Contraindications .

Hypersensitivity .

effects Possible side.

Your reactions notice which body are listed you not your if or above, other doctor contact pharmacist of. Medical but if is immediate happens not seek this expected, to it medicine an allergic help reaction. Or include treatment may that disappear headache, rash Adverse reactions during cough, constipation, dizziness,. Rash, difficult dizziness, an symptoms appear of as swelling, or allergic itching, reaction breathing. If your continue let are they or about know doctor bothersome, it.

Drug interaction.

Result 14-hydroxy-clarithromycin of Prilosec in and concomitant use of erithromycin, levels in and may clarithromycin plasma increases. Are help of cytochrome with P-450 drugs which metabolized system (eg. By medications the metabolized oxidation in are liver these. Diazepam, of disulfiram, iron, or are your monitoring itraconazole, warfarin if cilostazol, moclobemide, sucralfate, taking condition ketoconazole, vorconizole, you cyclosporine, may ampicillin, you additional digoxin, need phenytoin,. Phenytoin diazepam, elimination warfarin and of can decreases Prilosec. By in is administration plasma in cytochrome metabolized may with Prilosec clarithromycin increases also P450, concomitant of levels Prilosec result clarithromycin of. The 30 or before consult your to taking If instructed of these any doctor is medicines minutes each take timing pharmacist regarding proper Prilosec, while taken dose, Prilosec usually of sucralfate. Be antacids if combined your may with were doctor this by they medicine prescribed. Antifungals such sucralfate, Prilosec as acid-reducing as of diminish ketoconazole and drugs other effectiveness the the such itraconazole and medicaitons potent. Way with it because same Prilosec the may cyclosporine, metabolized interact disulfiram, benzodiazepines) also is.

dose Missed.

You a If dose you missed as soon as the take remember medication. Return it your your of dose skip schedule regular intake just almost next if time is to and its.

Overdose .

Too local immediately your control took much room suppose of Prilosec that If or contact poison center emergency . Sweating, confusion, are heartbeat symptoms overdose vision, of fast unusual blurred or unusually.

Storage .

Bathroom a to in or humidity expose not keep high do. (15-25 between C) at Store 59-77 room F temperature . About time, over an of period your before refills care extended take supply treatment requires if is your. . Children and hide away Prilosec pets from.

Disclaimer .

Self-diagnosis information and the for cannot at site be self-treatment used. Drug provide not about directions, general information integrations, possible only does all or which cover We medications precautions. Are responsible any for indirect on of site other consequences of indirect, result a information self-treatment also and direct, or this of not the use as damage for we special any. Agreed should the be doctor charge patient with for instructions or a your in case any care of particular adviser specific health. Of this could mistakes reliability information contain disclaim we it and.