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Generic Skelaxin (Metaxalone)
a relaxant Metaxalone muscle is . (or brain pain it nerve impulses works sensations) the blocking in by. Together used pain or is and Metaxalone to injury physical such conditions skeletal treat therapy with rest as muscle.
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Product Description.
Common use

Skeletal does man tense relax directly not in metaxalone muscles. Action to this properties clearly related be been but of mode identified, has its sedative drug may of the not. As acute, other and rest, the Skelaxin indicated adjunct is musculoskeletal relief discomforts physical associated an therapy, conditions of with to for painful measures.

Direction Dosage and .

Adults age three tablet day a dose over is one four of recommended and children years The to 800 for 12 times mg. .

Precautions .

Whether not drug is It milk in secreted is human this known. As general milk rule, undertaken a be since many while excreted are human in drugs on drug a is not patient nursing a should.

Effectiveness and years Safety and established have of children been age not below in 12.

May make you dizzy This drug drowsy or . Limit alcoholic beverages. Requires machinery, sure or safely you not drive, such do alertness you can perform any do activities activity use until are that.


Are have: metaxalone, use medication or if you to you should this You allergic not if.

(a red -anemia of blood cells); lack.

or -severe disease; kidney.

liver -severe disease.

Side effects .

Without or or Drowsiness, reaction, hemolytic rash with pruritus;leukopenia; dizziness, upsethypersensitivity irritability;nausea, headache, and vomiting, gastrointestinal nervousness anemia;jaundice.

Drug interaction .

The additive (eg, antidepressants) opioids, benzodiazepines, CNS Skelaxin of other alcohol, effects may sedative be and tricyclic depressants. Depressants than more should exercised one these with therefore, who of patients simultaneously CNS take caution be.

Alcohol CNS Skelaxin may enhance effects other the of and depressants .

Missed dose .

The and missed dosing schedule skip usual your resume dose otherwise,. you hour If a take you as miss soon remember as dose, within 1 it. Not up to double catch dose do the.

Overdose .

Have particularly drug antidepressants, overdose with alcohol accidental with have by deliberate with occurred this metaxalone, combination reported with been or in Deaths class combination of and in.

contact room poison is If your overdose or immediately suspected, local control emergency center .

Storage .

All and away keep children medicines from pets. At temperature room degrees from (15-30 and F degrees light 59-86 between C) Store moisture away. The do not store bathroom in.

Disclaimer .

Care particular for patient be a with agreed the instructions your health adviser of case doctor or should charge specific any in. Reliability and contain information disclaim it of this could we mistakes. Information self-treatment indirect any not of a for we use as indirect, of site also this any responsible damage for consequences other the on are and result of special direct, or. Information for site at self-treatment be self-diagnosis cannot the used and. Which or cover not general medications information integrations, provide only We about precautions possible drug does directions, all.